Unit of Library

The library is an academic, cultural, educational, and social institution established, funded, and managed by the college to provide various library and informational services to beneficiaries, including students and researchers, in line with the college’s objectives. The college library specializes in scientific and humanitarian educational sciences, and its main goal is to collect all information, develop it through various means, organize it, and provide it to the community of beneficiaries through a range of services.

The library aspires to be a distinguished library containing the latest scientific publications, contributing to the advancement of the educational and research process within and outside the college, and to be linked to other local and international libraries to access information sources.

The Message:

The library aims to provide all references, journals, and local and international scientific magazines related to educational sciences, and to create a suitable environment for undergraduate and postgraduate students and faculty members to contribute to achieving the college’s mission in the field of scientific research and community service.

  • The Free Education Department at the College of Education aims to establish a dedicated space to serve students and provide them with all the books they need to alleviate the burden on them so that they do not resort to buying books at exorbitant prices, which affects their budget.
  • We aspire to enrich ourselves with a collection of books within the general and specific disciplines of the departments included in our college, serving the public interest and all affiliates, including students, teachers, and staff.
  • Our Free Education Unit provides a pledge of commitment to its students.
  • Creating a suitable atmosphere for students for reading and research.
  • Contributing to building youth capable of critical thinking and problem-solving.

Official Email of the Unit: