Unit of Activities


To develop human competencies in all scientific and administrative aspects, and to document all activities held at the college to support the educational and cultural process in service to the community

The Message:

The Activities Unit aims to support the scientific, cultural, and social aspects of university affiliates by monitoring the provision of various activities that contribute. to elevating the university’s level and refining the scientific, administrative, cultural, and social experiences of its affiliates. These activities include various purposeful scientific workshops, training courses, conferences, cultural festivals, sports and artistic competitions, and many community services held in collaboration with various sectors of the community


  • Monitor the implementation of activities, training programs, and educational initiatives for university affiliates.
  • Enhance the competency of university affiliates in all educational, scientific, administrative, and cultural fields by improving their skills to help them cope with scientific and administrative changes to keep pace with global developments.
  • Organize various purposeful activities to enhance the scientific reputation of the university, such as conferences, managing discussion circles, scientific meetings, and scientific competitions.
  • Provide workshops, seminars, and training courses to refine the skills of administrative and teaching staff and improve their performance at work.
  • Stimulate creativity and encourage innovation and excellence by organizing various cultural activities, sports competitions, and artistic events.
  • Contribute to serving the community and the public good by organizing various community activities such as volunteer campaigns and humanitarian initiatives.

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