Unit of Academic Promotions

The Scientific Promotions Committee at the College of Education for Humanities at the University of Hamdaniya is one of the prominent committees working on facilitating and enhancing the promotion procedures for faculty members, relying on the guidelines and directives provided by the ministry.
The committee adopts its vision in promoting distinguished promotion procedures for faculty members and plays a leading role in granting titles to deserving individuals, with a focus on enhancing the educational and pedagogical system at various academic levels. The committee works diligently to open new specializations, expand the scope of scientific, pedagogical, and educational research, in line with scientific visions to improve the quality of learning and elevate the educational level to serve the community.
The Message:

The committee’s mission is to strive to promote and develop the competencies of the college with various academic titles and enhance specialized fields to contribute effectively to the quality of education at the university.


Its objectives include the following:

  • Accomplishing promotions for faculty members at various academic ranks.
  • Enhancing requests for the addition of research in promotion procedures for faculty members in departments.
  • Promoting promotion procedures internally and externally and in various specialties, auditing a number of scientific promotion procedures at multiple ranks.
  • Supporting and enhancing research for scientific and humanities departments.
  • Disseminating official documents received from the Central Committee for Scientific Promotions to all departments and following up on them.

Official Email of the Unit: