The Legal Division

The Law Division of the College began its work in 2023, and is an important division of the College as a legal officer, directly associated with Mr. Assistant for Administrative and Financial Affairs. It also regulates administrative and financial matters and protects all rights of employees of the enterprise.

The legal division ‘ s vision is to be characterized by excellence and leadership in the legal work by consolidating legal principles, by concern for the protection and defense of the rights of personnel in the institution, and by the need to indicate the duties of personnel in the institution.

The Message:
Provision of State legal services in accordance with the laws and instructions, social justice, institutional service and society.

The main objectives of the Legal Division are:

  • Legal protection and defense of an educational institution.
  • Organization of administrative work in order to safeguard and protect the integrity of the institution.
    Functions of the Legal Division
  • To express opinion and advice on legal matters relating to the application and implementation of laws and the interpretation of vague and vague legal texts in matters referred to it by the administratively related authorities.
  • To participate in commissions of inquiry and discipline and commissions in which it is required to be a legal member within the scope of the institution.
  • Formulation and regulation of contracts, undertakings, bail and legal certification.
  • Representation of the Foundation before other governmental and non-governmental bodies.
  • Other work and functions falling within the Division.