Scholarships and Cultural Relations Unit

It is one of the important units administratively linked to the office of the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and follows the Department of Missions and Cultural Relations at the University Presidency. This unit works to maintain communication between the college in its various departments and Iraqi, Arab and international universities to represent a bridge of communication from it to various universities through the conclusion of many agreements and scientific twinning.

Objectives :

This unit aims to lay scientific foundations that promote development and advancement in the fields of science and knowledge and the development of human energies to keep pace with growing civilizations and sciences by holding various events that would contribute to the development of various teaching cadres in our College of Education for Human Sciences. The unit also aims to provide the best study opportunities outside Iraq and conclude agreements with various universities on a sober scientific basis as well as participation in international scientific activities.

Tasks of the unit:

  • Receiving the books received from the Department of Missions and Cultural Relations of the Presidency of Al-Hamdaniya University, which in turn are received from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Department of Missions and Cultural Relations, and circulating them to the departments of the college after informing the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs.
  • Work to implement the directives and instructions of the university presidency, especially those related to the scientific agreements concluded by our university with other universities.
  • Follow up the implementation of the directives received from the University Presidency regarding the participation of our faculty members in training courses in various specializations.
  • Nominating those members of our faculty who wish to complete their studies to obtain higher degrees outside Iraq in cooperation with the Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations at the Presidency of Al-Hamdaniya University.
  • Follow up the nomination of our faculty members to participate in training courses, conferences, seminars, workshops and others by coordinating with all departments and obtaining the necessary approvals for their nomination and completing the administrative procedures for their enrollment in the various events.