Human Resources Division

The Human Resources Department is connected to the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs and includes the Employee and Faculty Affairs Unit, the Recruitment and Personnel Unit, and the Retirement Unit. It is responsible for overseeing all matters related to employees and faculty. Its tasks include issuing administrative orders for transfers, appointments, assignments, delegations, disengagements, inductions, forming various committees, granting various types of leave (regular, sick, maternity, study, summer, accompanying), awarding annual bonuses based on evaluation forms following approval from the direct and higher authorities and recommendations from the committee formed for this purpose, preparing lists of eligible candidates for promotion, sending them to the university presidency, responding to correspondence received from the university presidency, granting letters of appreciation and support to faculty and staff in various departments, preparing the college’s organizational structure, organizing a database, electronic archiving of faculty and staff files, and completing retirement procedures for faculty and staff referred to retirement based on their requests or reaching the legal retirement age.