Graduate Studies Division

Duties of the Division

  • Providing postgraduate students with confirmations of acceptance and initiation for the purpose of obtaining study permits from their departments.
  • Providing graduate students with endorsements to continue their studies during the study period upon their request.
  • Providing graduate students with important facilitation books for the purpose of obtaining special information during their research writing period.
  • Obtaining approvals for thesis and dissertation titles and title changes during the research writing phase and following up on study extensions.
  • Transferring the theses and dissertations to the scientific and linguistic evaluators, the citation committee, and the formation of discussion committees for graduate students.
  • Obtaining the approval of the university presidency to grant the degree and issuing the university order to grant it.
  • Providing graduate students with graduation confirmations and transcripts and issuing transcripts for them.
  • Answering the books received by the division (inquiries – five-year statistics – validity of the issuance of university orders – graduation confirmations – postponement of students – upgrading the registration of students for interrupting their studies – implementation of the orders of the University Council and the College Council – implementation of the instructions of postgraduate studies in supervising postgraduate students and forming committees to follow up the extent of their compliance with the instructions).