Follow-up Unit

Through the practice of field security activity in the field of enhancing university security, there emerged a pressing need to diagnose the negatives affecting campus security, considering it a fertile environment for the activities of political movements and ideological trends in various directions, as well as being exposed to continuous threats from various parties to achieve multiple goals. Given the importance of the university environment in general and its role in preparing the desired future generation, it was necessary to establish preventive and precautionary measures to prevent breaches, as well as to diagnose and address breaches and vulnerabilities legally. The orientation of the national security apparatus towards security work in universities stems from the necessity of involving the conscious university community in the security process as a solidarity process in which everyone bears their responsibility. Positive security activity, in addition to the usual security pages (preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic), continuously aims for development. Hence, there is a dire need for proposals, studies, and research that contribute to enhancing social security by drying up the sources of security threats, including social challenges that generate various types of crimes and social problems such as drugs and legal evasion, among others.

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