Duties of the Dean’s Office:

  • Follow-up work with the Dean to accomplish tasks promptly.
  • Daily completion of administrative tasks for the Dean’s office, including handling incoming mail and responding to correspondence requiring attention within specified timeframes.
  • Continuous and daily distribution of incoming mail to the Dean’s office after sorting it out by the Dean to the scientific departments, administrative units, and sections of the college.
  • Periodically arranging the office files (outgoing and incoming).
  • Monitoring correspondence requiring responses from college units to ensure completion and forwarding to the relevant authority at the University Presidency.
  • Continuous archiving of new incoming and outgoing correspondence electronically from the Dean’s office.
  • The Dean’s office acts as a liaison between the offices of the Dean for academic and administrative affairs and the units and sections in the college, informing them of all instructions issued by the Dean to ensure the work is done properly and accurately.
  • Receiving visitors from within and outside the college and addressing their requests with the Dean.

Official Email of the Office: