Division of Student Affairs and Registration

It is one of the important and articulated administrative divisions and the main artery in the colleges, as it is the beginning of the student’s entry into the college after his name is included in the centralized lists for morning study and admission lists for evening study. Through the registration unit, students begin to submit the necessary requirements for their registration in the college and open their files, and then they are distributed to the scientific departments according to their average through the college admission committee that is formed through the deanship of the college.
The division aims to take care of students and all administrative issues related to them from the student’s admission to the university until graduation in light of the instructions issued by the higher authorities, as the division is considered a link between the student and the college on the one hand and between the college and the ministry on the other hand. It should be noted that registration is a unit structurally and administratively linked to the Office of the Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs.
The Registration Division includes a number of major administrative units in the college, including:
Registration and Admission Unit
Documents and Certificates Unit