Division of Media and Public Relations

To cover all activities and news of the college, edit them, and publish them on the college’s website.

The Message:

To communicate with the university’s media and the ministry by sending publications and news.

Objectives and Tasks:
Introducing the role and mission of the college and striving to build a positive image of it among internal and external audiences.
Publishing all news and announcements related to the college and facilitating the task of journalists and media professionals to obtain information about it.
Interacting with the community and meeting its needs for accurate information and statistics.
Preparing and issuing newsletters, especially those related to the college’s achievements and events, and distributing them within and outside the college.
Documenting all media activities of the college.
Supporting faculties and departments in implementing events and conferences.
Welcoming visitors to the college from various departments and sections.
Organizing activities, events, and social occasions.
Preparing news and scientific and media topics of the college for publication on the website, newspapers, and magazines.
Communicating with journalists and media professionals within and outside the college.
Preparing and coordinating public activities and seminars approved by the college and supervising their implementation.

Official Email of the Division: